Where is Hidde?
  1. Singeres on stage, in the background is a giant North Sea Jazz Rotterdam logo with a ship that is also a trumpet. Lots of purple lights enlighten the stage.
  2. Laptop screen in very traditional English setting with green leather seating and wooden panels on the wall, the laptop screen has a slide that says cross functional collaboration
  3. Lake with trees in front and skyline in back
  4. tram inside train station
  5. two dragonboats on water
  6. 12 cows staring into camera
  7. wooden houses painted lightblue, darkblue and white, with a sign that says la friterie de la plage
  8. blijdorp metro sign
  9. huge red brick building
  10. graffiti welcome to kentish town with sunset in backdrop
  11. Curzon theatre with titles the worst person in the world and netappscreening
  12. BT tower with backdrop ofbright blue sky
  13. Building marked Cleveland residences
  14. train station with letters eurostar visible through reflection
  15. Large sign that says Sausolito 420 Harbour drive
  16. Paradiso poster with band announcements, lamb, Laura Lmvula and metropole orchestra, sun kil koon, the waterboys, benjamin clementine, la roux
  17. water with skyline of Rotterdam, including suspension bridge and large building that consists of three towers
  18. lake with blue sky and trees in the background
  19. bart and muni sign
  20. a lot of fluffy pandas in a store front with lanterns mirroring in the window
  21. storefront that says decades of fashion in neon
  22. two hills
  23. Band on stage
  24. escalator with very colourful lights
  25. blue sky with tower in middle
  26. Storefront that says Chinese cuisine, wall next to it has giant bison
  27. house painted in blue and purple
  28. colorful mailboxes against a blue sky
  29. Building with large red neon letters that say Port of San Francisco, in night time
  30. graffiti of a sleeping black and white tiger on a red background
  31. red San Francisco fire truck that looks very old
  32. steep street with parked cars and a sunny blue sky
  33. statue of man who seems to give a speech in front of ocean with blue sky and surrounded by grass
  34. Large and tall buildings against a blue sky
  35. huge church
  36. Store front that says antiquariaat